10/30/2021 Drop Info

Drop Info!

The site will go live at 10am PDT on Saturday. I’ll put the site into password mode Saturday morning about an hour before the drop. I will not deactivate the $1 listing.

It’s my first time unlocking a Shopify site, so please be prepared for it to be opened a few seconds early to a minute late.

ITEM LISTING FORMATS WILL CHANGE *** Please note, there are 4 variations of how the item will appear when you click the listing. Expect the shop pay button to move locations, and one has a picture above the product listing that makes you scroll. This is a speed bump so be prepared to think and not rely on muscle memory. As someone who frequently scores hard drops (which I doubt this will be), I want to do things I know will screw me up to make it fairer from drop 1.

The quantities of the first drop are in parentheses. These are subject to change.


All 💩 plushies in this drop will be the medium size, which is 6-7” tall and 5-6” wide, not including wings and ears. All have approximately 5 oz (140g) of glass microbeads added for the most luxurious squish. The weighting has been approved by Judy Lee herself.

Regular 💩 (4) - $50
Bat 💩 (2) - $75
Bull 💩 (3) - $75
Horse 💩(2) - $75
Chicken 💩(2) - $70
Holy 💩 (2) - $70
Mr. & Mrs. Pootato Set (1) - $100

I have a few products in the pipeline that may make this drop depending on my speed over the next few days.


💊s (2ish) - $40-60 depending on size and complexity. They will have one side that will replicate a pill’s markings and the reverse will be blank.

Make My 💊 Custom listing (2) - $60. *tablet only at this time; no capsules. After feedback and pill variations, a lot of people want *their* pill. You’ll send me a pic, and I’ll send you a proof. Rough dimensions are 8-10”, but the dimensions are at my discretion. I reserve the right to refund a custom at any time, and I reserve the right to remake the pill you submit. If it is remade, it may be made for a different price. TAT - 3-4 weeks after I receive the picture from you, but aiming for much, much sooner.

This drop will have a shipping TAT of 1-2 weeks. Everything except the Make My 💊 is RTS. I want to give myself ample time to get everything right.

Note: 10% of sales are donated to The Trevor Project
10/30/2021 Drop Info
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